Artist Statement
"there is light and darkness, all and nothingness"
Photography! Picture taking. Picture making. Thinking about taking pictures. Thinking about making pictures. Looking at pictures. Reading about the people who take & make pictures. Meeting the people that inspire us to make & take pictures. Yes photography has been at the centre of my life now for over 25 years, and the passion for it diminishes no less! It’s my lifeblood. It nourishes, sustains, energizes, frustrates, drains and replenishes me.

I don’t seek or aspire to have an obvious style, or distinct voice embedded to my work. I don’t crave repetition of theme or idea hoping to make my work more discernible. Obviously mine! I prefer anonymity through my choice of idea, theme, practice and technique so that I can explore what I want, where I want, when I want and placate my desire to go make and take pictures, and in hindsight ‘attempt’ to create interesting or compelling work. Ultimately it is my wish to present you the viewer with the fruits of my labour, and encourage you to form your own opinions and draw your own conclusions.

One thing central to my methodology is to attempt to open a discourse between self and subject and by doing so, impart that discourse to you the viewer. That discourse can be one of simply looking and seeing something beautiful, something ‘decorative’. Likewise it could be a discourse into idealism or rather failed idealism. Or satire. Or fear. Then I reciprocate by presenting you with images that might be construed as not ‘decorative’ at all.

Ultimately though in each of my projects I do attempt to look at the concept of existence. I borrow from existential philosophy. I embed an underlying existential ‘clause’ to my images. They are concerned with the notions of the ephemerality of the moment, of life indeed.


Artist Statement

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