I’ve always been critical. I’ve always been indecisive. As I get older, my level of criticism rises, my indecisions multiply. The former because I’m a jaded world traveler, for it seems to me after more than a half century of been on the road, that it’s the same shit (mostly human), different place. And the latter, because I’m getting old and senile.
Leaving criticisms out of this piece for now, I’ll mention my growing indecisions. But a decision I must make.
Firstly whether to look to the future for hope or the past?
It is my belief that as I see the world today, that somehow the wisdom of the Ancients (say the Egyptians or Mayan’s) far exceeds the general morass of ignorance the permeates our times. They looked to the stars for guidance and peace of mind, we stare at our smart phones.
The question is, to disconnect from the grid? Or to embrace it ever more readily. The meta-verse is nigh upon us, and if we think that humanity has become a collective of smart phone zombies, we ain’t seen nothing yet. If the tech gurus have their way, there won’t be a single moment of our waking day when we are not been monitored, badgered, brain washed. The meta-verse is going to chew us up and spit us out!
It is my belief that 99% of humanity is ill-prepared for the chaos that is going to befall us. The result of collapsing eco-systems, climate change, tech and AI related disruptive technologies. Joblessness. Massive social unrest beyond the ever increasing zombification of people and society as we fall for mind altering behavioral algorithms that sap the last morsel of will to make decisions for ourselves.
Personally, I think we’re fucked. But the decision I have to make is to whether I want to truly believe that or not!

28th October 2021
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