This is a personal experimental film (attempt) shot with a friend of mine. I wanted a one to two set location (my house). one actress. no crew since no production budget. The basic premise of the film: Disillusioned and angered by the environmental degradation of the Mekong river and her homeland Vietnam and equally depressed and saddened by the premature death of her middle aged Mother, a young visual artist delves into introspection through the process of writing, visualization.

Unbeknown to her, she is the catalyst for happenings that she could never have imagined'

Alas we never finished it. Ran out of patience, ran out time of errr hum..plot, and probably a good thing it ground to a halt, with a script that goes something like this....

'There is vacuum that only a motherless child, orphaned to the world, can feel.
Since your passing I've concocted a daily routine to fill the void'.

'I awaken in darkness
I dress
I kneel
I prey
I mourn
for you
for our river
for our land' doesn't help when your 'lead actress' leaves for India to get married :-)
Regardless I'm proud of what we managed to achieve in the time and input allocated to this. Well done Dialan you did a great job....

Missing you Mother
Missing you Mother

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