"the vibe is the narrative,
the narrative is the vibe"
Artist Statement

My personal work starts from ‘figments of my imagination’, and I develop quasi-fictional narratives that are inspired by films, books and real word current issues and events. The Red Corporation came about via my interest in the world of espionage. I purposely seek out a sombre darker tonality for this series.

I call myself a ‘vibe’ photographer simply because I don’t attempt to cloak my projects in any sort of intellectual pretense. I don’t consider myself an intellectual so I don’t try intellectualize. :-) I merely attempt to develop a ‘vibe’ or vibration or resonance that appeals to peoples emotions. I forge this resonance from the street. The ‘vibe’ is the narrative. Each project has it’s own unique tone, hue, mood, texture.

For example with NEONOPOLIS, I wanted a poppy, neon-washed sci-fi blade runner vibe. That ‘vibe’ revealed itself as I walked the streets of Hong Kong. The underlying commentary is hinged to notions of, is Hong Kong today a vision of the world tomorrow? The sci-fi cinematic ‘vibe’ emerged of it’s own accord.

The satisfaction I gain from my art practice is witnessing the magic happen. The way that once I have ‘the mind’s eye’ theme and narrative embedded, the street throws up the ingredients. I am still debating whether to think this is enough to convince a respectable gallery to exhibit my work. Time will tell. If not, I would certainly like to think my style of imagery will appeal to art directors, photo editors, commercial clients and of course the art buying public.

Ultimately I seek to produce images that are taught compositionally, that create a sense of mystery and intrigue, and have a cinematic quality. I judge my work constantly. In a similar way I think to how American art photographer titan Jeff Wall states how he judges his work. He ask himself. Is it a good photograph? By good, he means the composition is astute. Does it have the necessary ingredients to be called ‘good’. Attention to light, composition.

Rather than set up and stage images to mimic reality, I prefer to go find what I am looking for in the now. In the moment. Yes I am a vibe photographer working in the now!
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