As artists I think we have to inhabit two worlds.  One of art.  One of commerce. I believe different types of people want a different kind of experience on an artists website.  Gallerists, curators and art afficionados for example may want a more immersive, intellectually driven experience.  The public, e-commerce shopping for a print to hang as decor at home probably choose ease of viewing/buying. Hence I separate these two worlds for you.

Richard Mark Dobson . com  is where I present my SIGNATURE LIMITED EDITION series.  Shall I say, work that I hope makes a clear statement about who I am as an artist.   The work has a dark, dystopian uneasy narrative. This is where I explore my interest in existential philosophy and projects which have an existential underpinning.

The RMD Gallery/Decorative is ostensibly a website set up for e-commerce , and carries my OPEN EDITION lighter, decorative and dare I say more frivolous work.

Therefore you can choose where you want to spend your time. 

PLEASE NOTE:  All the work you see here is FOR SALE.

Of course don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.


Richard Mark Dobson
Penang 2019
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