Escape Routes, as a concept, can be understood through the lens of Jungian psychology. It represents the individual's search for self-actualization and the quest for meaning in life. Picking up a camera as a means of escape is a manifestation of the archetype of the Explorer, the eternal seeker of new frontiers and experiences. My decision to shun the conventional 9-5 grind and to never have a regular salary can be understood as a rebellion against societal expectations and a desire for autonomy and freedom.
My dark, jaded and pessimistic view on life and humanity as a whole can be understood as an expression of my shadow, the unconscious aspects of myself that I have repressed and denied. Photography, in this sense, becomes a means of integrating my shadow, of facing and accepting the darker aspects of myself and the world.
The escape routes in my work can also be seen as symbols of the journey towards individuation, the process of becoming who we truly are. My restless nature and my feeling of not belonging anywhere can be understood as a manifestation of the archetype of the Wanderer, the eternal searcher of a sense of home and belonging.
Through my ongoing series of pictures and essays, I am not only expressing my own personal struggles with reality, but also creating a space for others to connect with their own inner journey. By inviting others to see the world through my lens, I hope to inspire them to embrace their own escape routes and to embark on their own journey towards individuation.
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