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The Red Corporation

The Red Corporation is the second of my quasi-fictional stories. I think of them as 'figment series'. They are narratives based around figments of my imagination. I also call them vibe series.
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Neonopolis is for me about joining dots. Or more appropriately for the narrative of this series, joining nodes. Thought nodes. In essence I regard this series as a highly personal body of work, given my relationship with Hong Kong goes back for almost 3 decades.

The nodes represent for me a convergence of a 3-tier thought stream;

1) my memories of HK from 30 years ago.
2) my contemporary impressions of Hong Kong today and how I interpret them?
3) I ask the question, β€œis Hong Kong a vision of the future?” Twenty years after the handover from British to Chinese rule, twenty years after I left, the city once again enraptures me, and just as the notorious walled city of Kowloon inspired the bleak, neon-soaked, perpetually dank and rain-soaked dystopia of Blade Runner, so does its sequel now cede to the alternate reality of Neonopolis – a realm strangely futuristic all the while rooted in the present.
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Commute my second body of work set in South Africa explores multiple themes; fear, xenophobia, fate, issues such as crime, urban decay, the existence of the individual in an 'unpredictable & unsafe' world. The work intends to tussle with both literal and figurative notions of fear through objective and subjective record of place.
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Waterworld is a statement referenced to the worlds polluted waterways, and intends to prompt us to consider the moral and environmental consequences of mangrove habitat loss, continued fouling of the worlds oceans and rivers.
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