Dear Patron
I limit my signature editions to very low numbers.  For your reference;

  • 3 (three) prints per series + 1 artist proof. 
  •  5 (five) prints per series + 1 artist proof.

My ratiionale for such a low edition number;

scarcity has a value 
  • The prints you are buying are unusual and uncommon. Low numbers mean the editions sell out.  I want you to have something that can no longer be bought.
incremental percentage increase
an example of a 5 print edition;
  • prints 1,2,3,4 = US$400. 
  • print 5 = US$800. 
Buy early numbers and get a bargain price.
NB: The artist proof will be held until the series is sold out and could then be released at the artists discretion. As my work becomes sought after,  I will keep the edition numbers the same, but possibly raise the print prices)
Lastly I would like to add that your patronage is appreciated.  From the revenue I make from the sales of my work, I develop new projects that could very well be of interest to you, the collector.

Richard Mark Dobson
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