The Hitman

The Hitman

The Hitman is a ongoing series of film sequences that are no way interconnected via storyline or plot. The only thing that ties them together are a few props. Second hand bits and bobs bought in Hong Kong. An air soft pistol from Mongkok. A red rather gorgeous retro suitcase, called a sunrise, found in Sham Shui Po, which I gutted and added a foam insert.  Black leather gloves and a pair of $10 sunglasses

The film scenarios I create are merely an excuse to light glass and liquid, develop a suspenseful film noir vibe.

In some of the clips I neglected continuity altogether.  ie. Hitman # 7.  ignoring the liquid levels in the drinking glass between cuts, and the hands on the watch face.

All I am doing with each short film is entertaining myself during the downtime afforded by the currrent Covid-19 virus crises.  I am interested merely in the overall visual aspect of the clips in terms of lighting and lens work. Just wanting to see what I can achieve, in a rather tongue in cheek sort fo way, what I can be done with minimal lighting and equipment, alone working with such frugal means.

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