"there is light and darkness,
all and nothingness"
Artist Statement
I create work that is a personal discourse into the fundamentals of existence. The terminology for my work is ‘Existentializm’ and I borrow from the philosophy of ‘existentialism’; the notion that as individuals we all start from a point characterized by “the existential attitude” or sense of disorientation and confusion in an apparently meaningless and absurd world.

My work while bold in colour and form has layered into it compositions that are to my mind subliminal pointers which adhere to the fact that life, for many of us is a tangle of incongruous paths, a litany of discordant chapters. That existence is suffering!

Photography is my savior however. It provides me with a direct and cerebral process with which to join dots (subjects & themes) that I hope will provide me with answers to my own entrenched sense of discontent, dislocation. Fundamentally through my work, that I predominantly though not always painstakingly create out of reality, I garner an appreciation for the geographical territories I explore and the underlying narratives I wish to develop.

My geographical territory is Europe, Africa and Asia. For 49 years I have been carefully constructing notions of belonging in all three, but by seeking attachment, a profound sense of detachment has ensued. The camera has become the blunt instrument with which I crack open the surface layer of my own reality and through the paradigm of a social, environmental & historical inferences, I find photographic representation that is raw, threatening and all consuming in its intent to placate my curiosity into the fundamentals of existence.

Richard Mark Dobson
Hong Kong 2020
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